venerdì 23 marzo 2018

Unavailable disk letter in disk manager or mapping network disk

It happened today to me,
I had to map and UNC path to local drive E: but I was not able, like it was already taken and in use.
In detail, I didn't have the letter as available when from explorer (the windows gui) I was trying to map the unc path to a letter.
But then I tried to go to disk manager changing one drive's letter just to see, and the E: letter was not available...

So there was something using it but...
It was not used by some other network disk,
it was not used by a physical device in disk manager
it was not stored in the registry under Mapped Devices (some usb device disconnected maybe...)

in the end the only place where I found a reference to it was like this:

mountvol e: /L

something like this appeared (this is just an example from the command help) :


to check what it was I tried to lauch "execute" from windows (W key + R ), pasted that string (\\?\Volume{e49c2b64-99e4-11e6-a7c2-806e6f6e6963}\) and confirmed...

I got an error, so I think that device , whatever it was , was not anymore connected to my pc.
So I run this other command:

(I take no responsability if you are going to delete mapping to some device needed by your system to work correctly! )

mountvol e: /D

just to check the result of my operation I did this one again:

mountvol e: /L

I got an error, this means the device is not anymore mapped.

I then restarted the pc (maybe a logout was enough?) and voilà, the E: letter was again available! 😄


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