lunedì 12 ottobre 2015

uTORRENT freezes after startup

I got crazy for a day because my uTorrent client (version 3.4.5) that worked well in all my old life, on the new pc freezes seconds after I run it.

Interesting to notice that the 2 areas for the advertisements remain blank as if something is not working with the embedded internet explorer component that shows the advertisements.

By the way, I noticed also that running the PC in safe mode solved the issue,

So it seems there is something running usually that is conflicting with uTorrent.

I did a lot of testing but the good idea came in my mind just the day after:
to check the dll loaded into the uTorrent memory space.

Doing this I found there was all legittimate dlls but I noticed there was 3 NVidia dll injected into uTorrent:


so why not try to denied NVidia to inject those dll and see the result?

I tried,

the path to the dlls:

C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\coprocmanager\

I renamed the 3 dll so thay they are not found anymore,
restarted uTorrent and taaadaa!! it works now!

ok I would investigate if there is some option in the NVidia control panel to disable this thing but honestly I don't have time to waste in this and I don't care about graphics on this pc, so for me is enough.

if anybody knows how to say nvidia to not inject those dll a comment is welcome :)


mercoledì 16 settembre 2015

Windows NTOP clear all data

If you installed NTOP on Windows machine and want to clear all data to start again from scratch do like this:

1. stop 'ntopng' service
2. stop 'Redis Server' service
3. explore to
    c:\program files\Redis\data

4. rename or delete the existing dump.rdb file
5. start 'Redis Server' service
6. start 'ntopng' service

You should now have a clean situation in the web interface


mercoledì 26 agosto 2015

Cisco 6509 find the IP of a device connected to a known port

I know CISCO 6509 is an old device,  but as it happened to me to work on it today and I found no useful information in internet to solve my issue, maybe this post could help someone else

I connected a network device to a 6509 , port 4/8 and but then how to connect to it without the IP address? (ok I solved looking into the dhcp server, but then I found the cisco way)

1. show the MAC address connected to the port

sh cam dynamic | include 4/8

this was the result:

1     00-0a-b6-55-56-10             4/8 [ALL]

2. go to the Multilayer module (in my case is the module 15, use: sh module to check it)

session 15

3. display arp table filtering by the mac found at point 1 (pay attention, the format is different!)

sh arp | include 000e.b678.5620

the result:
Protocol Address Age Hardware address Type Interface
Internet          45        000a.b655.5610           ARPA   Vlan1

we just found the IP address of our device  ->

giovedì 13 agosto 2015

Windows 2012 You don't currently have permission to access this folder click continue to permanently get access to this folder

Hi guys,
do you like me installed a W2012 server and put in place a file server to then discover that as machine administrator you don't have the rights to open the folders on your local disk (the folders containing the user file of the file server) ?

The message that appears is:

  You don't currently have permission to access this folder click continue to permanently get access to this folder

the interesting point is that if you check the folder security settings you'll find that Administrators group have rights on it, and your user IS IN THAT GROUP, so why can't you open the folder?

Yes you can click continue and gain access... unfortunately this will change the security settings of that folder and every subfolder (inheritance) inserting explicitly your user with access right, this is not very nice as behavior, also if your folder has thousand of subfolders and files it will take a long time to apply the new settings everywhere

I googled alot, many topics talks about this and many are talking about disabling UAC and so on, but the only setting I saw working fine (and it was not so simple to find around) is this one:

Run regedit
go to here

if not already existing, create this

and set/change it to 0 (disabling LUA)
LUA stay for Limited User Account, and set it to 0 will disable it

this will require a reboot of the server to apply the setting
Once the server is rebooted it will not display that request anymore