lunedì 12 ottobre 2015

uTORRENT freezes after startup

I got crazy for a day because my uTorrent client (version 3.4.5) that worked well in all my old life, on the new pc freezes seconds after I run it.

Interesting to notice that the 2 areas for the advertisements remain blank as if something is not working with the embedded internet explorer component that shows the advertisements.

By the way, I noticed also that running the PC in safe mode solved the issue,

So it seems there is something running usually that is conflicting with uTorrent.

I did a lot of testing but the good idea came in my mind just the day after:
to check the dll loaded into the uTorrent memory space.

Doing this I found there was all legittimate dlls but I noticed there was 3 NVidia dll injected into uTorrent:


so why not try to denied NVidia to inject those dll and see the result?

I tried,

the path to the dlls:

C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\coprocmanager\

I renamed the 3 dll so thay they are not found anymore,
restarted uTorrent and taaadaa!! it works now!

ok I would investigate if there is some option in the NVidia control panel to disable this thing but honestly I don't have time to waste in this and I don't care about graphics on this pc, so for me is enough.

if anybody knows how to say nvidia to not inject those dll a comment is welcome :)


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