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How To Determine Physical Memory on a Remote Machine (slots, chips number and size...)

Hi all,
after a lot of time far from my blog, I'm here again, this time to post a simple and quick command to determine remotely how much physical ram is installed on a machine.

open a command prompt and execute this (replace "server01" with your server name):
wmic /node:server01 memorychip get banklabel, devicelocator,caption,capacity

the result in my case is:

BankLabel  Capacity    Caption          DeviceLocator
           1073741824  Physical Memory  DIMM 01
           1073741824  Physical Memory  DIMM 02
           1073741824  Physical Memory  DIMM 03
           1073741824  Physical Memory  DIMM 04

so, there are 4 dimm installed, each one 1GB 

If you need, there are also other information, from command prompt try (change server01) :



you'll see all the columns available.

You could also try to run
wmic /node:server01 mmemorychip
but the output is a little bit messed up, I don't suggest it to you


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