venerdì 2 dicembre 2011

Windows 7 Search - missing files - resolution

Hi all,
are you in the same situation as me?

Are you searching in a particular folder (and subfolders) for a filename, or for content, and AS ALWAYS windows 7 search doesn't find it? also if you know for sure the file is there and/or the content is there in some file??

Honestly I hate the way Windows 7 indexes everything (slowing down the pc) just to speed up searching something from time to time, and then also you don't find it because at the end it doesn't work as it should...

Ok, there are some tips to make windows search working better, like unflagging all the folders in the indexing option, in this way windows will search not using the indexing at all.
Then you'll not find content anymore I suspect, so you should flag the folder "one shot" just to start indexing on demand (but you should also disable indexing backoff to make it works).

Ok, the REAL solution?

DON'T USE WINDOWS SEARCH... use something else

Unflag ALL the flags in the indexing options so that no folder is indexed (this will speed up you pc in some way), just keep Outlook flag so you can search mails.

Then istall some search tool (I'm using Agent Ransack as it does its job well) and use it instead!

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