venerdì 29 luglio 2011

Remotely register DLL libraries

Hi all,
we have an application here around the network in quite all the clients that stops working when we deploy Office2010 as a dll file got missing on the client itself.

The fastest solution is to copy the dll back and to register it again.

If you want to do it remotely, and I don't mean with remote desktop, you can do it like this:

- You are logged on your pc with a user with admin rights on the target machine
- you already downloaded PSTOOLS from here:

and have psexec command ready to be run on the disk

(I've already remotely copied the dll file to the c:\windows\system32 on the target machine)

1. open the command prompt
2. change to the psexec directory
3. submit this command:

psexec \\pcname cmd

A command prompt appears on your pc, but it is executing on the target machine (named pcname) !

submit the command to register the dll, but silently because we don't want any message on the target (message that the user will not see anyway as we are executing in a different context):

regsvr32 /s mylibrary.dll

/s  is for "silent"
mylibrary.dll is the .dll to be registered



to close the remote command prompt and then exit again to close local prompt

that's all, the application is now  working again :)

P.S: I used it logged on my pc with a user with admin rights on the target, but if you are not, you could try it with the switches:

-u user -p password

that should do the job (not tried)


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